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Kanye West is upset.

Kanye West is upset.

Kanye West isn't happy that a video of his proposal to Kim Kardashian earlier this week has turned up online. They couple had everyone present at AT&T Field in San Francisco sign a confidentiality agreement and now West may end up in court with YouTube co-founder, Chad Hurley. Hurley was the first person to release the video which has since gone viral. Hurley released the video via his Twitter account to 510,000 followers using a new app called MixBit and then allegedly sent the video clip to several publications with a press release. Some are speculating he was actually trying to promote the new MixBit app which allows users to put together as many as 256 video clips to create a single new video.

When a bartender at a luxury Beverly Hills hotel refused to serve 16-year-old Kylie Jenner an alcoholic drink, she shouted, “Do you know who I am?” One hotel employee said “She was a complete nightmare.” Kylie called up her mother and demanded that Kris Jenner have someone at the hotel fired. WOW!

Despite the happy news that Pauly D announced he was a father earlier this week, it turns out he may not have been too excited about it at first. TMZ sources say Pauly first asked Amanda Markert to have an abortion and Markert is shopping the texts revealing the details. Meanwhile, sources say Pauly actually handed over the cash for it to be done, only to have the former Hooters waitress pocket the money without going through with it. Now, Pauly is suing for custody of the 5-month-old. As for the abortion claim, Pauly tweeted yesterday “Sometimes in life things aren’t planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing.”

Madonna got rid her massive Beverly Hills estate that she purchased during her marriage to Guy Ritchie and she pocketed $8 million bucks in the process. Madonna listed the property back in January for $22.5 million and just 10 months later, real estate agent Kurt Rappaport closed the deal for $20 million. Not bad considering she got the place in 2003 for $12 million bucks. The 17,000 square foot property is super secluded with a 500 foot tree-lined driveway and boasts 15 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, a 2-story dining room, pool, movie theater tennis court and a gym. Madonna is looking for a smaller place around Los Angeles.

Hanson drummer, Zac and his wife, Kate, welcomed their third child yesterday! The couple said in a statement, "We are very excited to share the addition of George Abraham Walker Hanson to our growing family. Abraham is healthy and we are happily sharing a little down time together as a family.” The couple already have a son, John Ira Shepherd, 5, and daughter, Junia Rosa Ruth, 2.

TMZ says Jon Cryer's ex-wife wants a huge increase in child support and is blaming the bullies at their son's private school for it. Sarah Trigger says 13-year-old Charlie Cryer is taunted and ridiculed because he can't compete with his classmates' lavish lifestyle. She complains his friends go on "exotic vacations in the summer and winter but Charlie can't afford the same. She also mentions these kids have huge birthday parties with all the trimmings. Sarah thinks the bullying will go away if Jon increases his 8,000-a-month payments to 89,000 a month. She thinks the Two and a Half Men star can easily afford it, claiming he makes 2 million a month.Cray cray!

Here’s what’s breaking out at the movies today! The star-studded thriller - “The Counselor” and the comedy - “Bad Grandpa.”


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