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The Different Types of Hookups!

The Different Types of Hookups!

Hookups, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a some of the different types of hookups ...

  • The Blackout Hookup. You only realize there was a hookup in bits and pieces as you remember it the next day. If you're lucky, you left in the middle of the night and were still kinda drunk after the cab-ride home.
  • The Anticipated Hookup. This is the "Tonight Is The Night" hookup. You shaved. Your undies are cute. Protection? Check. It's gonna happen.
  • The Idle Hookup. It's late and you're both bored. You've probably been drinking. "Uh ... why not?!" Just don't develop feelings ... or guess what hits the fan?
  • The Revisiting It Hookup. You had fun once − so you do it again ... and again. Hopefully, you are both on the same page that it's just a friends with benefits thing.
  • The Begrudging Hookup. Meh. You aren't psyched about it, but rather than entertain the idea that you're too picky or make bad choices, you go ahead and give it a shot.
  • The In-Love Hookup. Some say it's the only way ... others say it's a unicorn. (

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